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Freedom (excerpt)

FREEDOM (excerpt) by Jay Humphrey They say in vino veritas. Well, it’s sure true that a bottle of wine and a few Mai Tais will kinda make you feel like, you know, just go for it! Or was it the seven-year itch? My wife Jennie and I had been married about seven years. All I […]

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Ooh La La: Dancing for Brian


OOH LA LA:  DANCING FOR BRIAN by Lisa Faulkner I’d been pole dancing at S Factor for six months for fun, fitness and to feel sexy. My favorite part of class was dancing to a song that I chose while being witnessed by classmates. After months of choreography, we’d recently been set free to improvise our entire […]

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Virgin Fire Play

Fire Photo

VIRGIN FIRE PLAY by Morris Taylor Dew drops cling to white pine trees. The five needles of each bundle hug one another to ward off the evening chill. The sap that drips freely during autumn light now congeals in darkness. In the whispering wind, my nostrils pick up the resinous scent of evergreens on the […]

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CATERING FOR ‘THE LADIES HOME EROTICA’  by Antoinette Constable One of the Kensington Ladies, my English friend, who, like her partners is known for her lusty works of literature, invited herself for tea one afternoon. As we drank Darjeeling tea  and nibbled plum tartlets sprinkled with almonds, we talked briefly about books or movies. Suddenly […]

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DENNIS by M.S. I lay in bed staring up at the white mesh canopy of the mosquito net, thinking about the night before and … Dennis. Dennis with brown eyes that melted like chocolate in the firelight. Dennis with the deep Afrikaans accent that rolled off his tongue into the crisp winter night. Dennis with […]

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EROTICA: WRITING SEXY STUFF with Linda Watanabe McFerrin Saturday, May 31st, 2014, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Location: Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera, CA 94925 $105 Register here If you have trouble steaming up the page, this is the workshop for you. Spend a day with poet, travel writer and novelist Linda […]

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The Perfect Guy (excerpt)

THE PERFECT GUY (excerpt) by Debbie Goelz Jule Vandamme knows she’s in big trouble before her boss utters a word. The walls in Vesta Harper’s office vibrate in the grey-green of a storm-tossed sea. At Pinnacles Center for Sexual Rehabilitation, it is difficult for employees to hide their emotions as the building echoes them quite […]

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Too Late

TOO LATE by Nancy A. Reuscher You should have seen me on the couch-shaped rocks at Vouliagmeni, or further down the Cape beneath the cliffs at Sunion. You should have smelled the sea and seen the moonlight on the limestone cliffs, and the pearl white cresting of the waves, and picked olive branches with me […]

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Shameless – Svergognato

SHAMELESS- SVERGOGNATO by Michele Rivers Darkness drops early in winter but familiar winding paths lead the Signora quickly to the Piazza San Marco. Hair the color of roasted chestnuts; swept back in an elegant chignon. Cheeks flushed with exertion and the bitter chill of Venice. Dark eyes dancing with adventure and anticipation, Signora Sofia crosses the […]

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Dark Green Waters

DARK GREEN WATERS by Unity Barry Eugène Manet closed his book and gazed around his wife’s well appointed boudoir. The clock on the mantle struck eleven, a late hour for him. Outside the winter rain, lashed by northern winds, slammed against the tightly secured shutters. In front of them, next to the fireplace a cheval […]

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