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Excerpts, Hot Flashes 2

The Smell of Water

I imagined the moist hairline down his stomach pointing the way to his tumescent dick touching her wet thigh. They probably laughed together in the steam while her big breasts jiggled against his chest and the clear shower door. — Jill Kelly

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She wanted him to touch her but realized that he would not reach for her first. So, slowly, she raised her hand and moved it across the space between them, and resting her fingers on his smooth cheeks, caressed his face. She ran her fingers over his closed eyes, then closed hers as she pulled […]

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Supple Wings

I half-expect him to stop me, tell me I’m not his type, but instead he holds me closer, his breath warm as he seeks my ear, neck, curve of jaw leading to lips. His are soft, moist, hungry, and I want to feed him as prodigiously as I want to be fed. Our lips and […]

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Sleeping With Angels

While lying across the poolside buffet table of a beachfront hotel (in between two pottery bowls filled with fruit), the Mexican flag under my ass, my right breast cradled in the gynecologist’s capable hand, I realize I need to dump Lance. We have escaped the disco, and it is finally quiet except for the rhythmic […]

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Social Justice

I had never been made love to with such an incredible intensity. I didn’t let myself be scared, but I was a little. I kept thinking of ways to swim across part of the bay and get away if I had to. But the smell of the salt water, the wet nighttime grass, the salty […]

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