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Pick-Up Artist

tangolovestorycoverweb-220x300Camille Cusumano, Author of TANGO, an Argentine Love Story (Seal Press), The travel memoir of a woman who loved, lost, got mad—and decided to dance shares some of the most memorable pick-up lines she’s heard … in Spanish. Pues, por su entretenimeinto …

Che, churro! Translation: Hey, sweet stuff.

Mamita, que linda que sos! Translation: Little mama, how beautiful you are.

Si Adan se comio una manzana por Eva, yo por vos me comeria una fruteria. Translation: If Adam ate the apple for Eve, for you, I’ll eat the whole produce stand.

Por ti, pequeña! Translation: Here’s lookin at you, kid!

Back by popular demand from Buenos Aires for two weeks, Camille will be appearing at the San Francisco Museum of Performance & Design (September 29)and the Larkspur Library (October 1). Details on both events: