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Madly in Love with Me

Join Lone Morch, acclaimed Dare to be Beautiful photographer, filmmaker and founder of Lolo’s Boudoir on February 13th, at one of the most beautiful resorts in Northern California, The Claremont Hotel Club and Spa, and get the new feminine super powers every modern day woman needs… MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME DAY the day you […]

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A Message in the Massage

One of us spent the whole day naked last week … at the Claremont Resort Spa. Let’s see: massage, facial, lunch at Paragon, Jacuzzi-style pool, herbal teas, steam sauna, deluge (it’s like sitting under a waterfall), marvelous masques and lotions, and a Bay view. We recommend it. Hot tip: Yamrout for therapeutic or deep tissue […]

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