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The Lusty Dead

NEVER SAY DIE: A CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS  by Special Guest Blogger, Erin Orison Now this is a project worth supporting. Love, or should I say lust, is also for the dead and the restless, or is that the restless dead? Deadlings, do send in your work. This is a perfect opportunity to share the Dead […]

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Gangster Love

“The Japanese gangster, Ryu, appeared to be dead. He lay naked, face-up on the heart-shaped bed of the Shakayama Love Hotel. I could see Miura, or what was left of him, a giant looming over the bed, leaning ominously over my lover’s inert form. Both men were reflected in the mirror above the bed. Ryu, […]

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A Body of Work

“Large brown velvet moths settled upon each of her breasts. An orchid opened on one shoulder, a striped gecko displayed the inside of its mouth on the other. South Sea islands showed up on her belly and disappeared into the shaved split between her legs. A sea serpent slid down her thigh. Constellations unfurled on […]

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Love in the Dark?

Love in the dark??? Here’s a little excerpt from DEAD LOVE, due out this Fall from Stone Bridge Press. Check it out at There’s a limited edition hardcover with a Manga supplement available too! “You might imagine, as I would have if it had not happened to me, that a near-zombie girl would just […]

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