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Sensual, sizzle, razzle, dazzle—Burlesque is a blast. Starring ultra-sexy songbird Christina Aguilera and an always sultry Cher, it’s a feast for sore eyes and parched … whatever. Gorgeous costumes, bodies, and voices make it a huge relief from other dull contemporary fare, except perhaps the prancings of rock goddesses like Lady Gaga and … yes, that’s right … Christina Aquilera. Sophisticated critics tooting their own little air horns claim it is overwrought and simplistic. Excuse me, it’s burlesque … or was that not clear from the title? Burlesque in its old form was a kind of joke, a lampoon, a parody of snooty social custom in the face of our very common and lowbrow lust for life. Later, at least here in the good ol’ USA, burlesque became just plain lusty, though women like Josephine Baker, Gypsy Rose Lee and Dita Von Teese always added a certain je ne sais quoi. Burlesque seems to be turning in newly respectable directions in this movie, but mostly it’s great music and dance with a little T&A (well-covered) thrown in. Maybe that explains why there were so many teens in the audience. Or maybe that was just Christina Aguilera. In any event, bravo Burlesque for crossing the age barrier and for bringing young and old together to celebrate a great set of pipes and other fine physical attributes. Go to it for an earful and an eyeful that will put a smile on your face and a song in your parts. We need more movies like Burlesque.