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Madly in Love with Me

get-attachment-7Join Lone Morch, acclaimed Dare to be Beautiful photographer, filmmaker and founder of Lolo’s Boudoir on February 13th, at one of the most beautiful resorts in Northern California, The Claremont Hotel Club and Spa, and get the new feminine super powers every modern day woman needs…


the day you make taking care of yourself a reality
9-5 PM
Berkeley, CA

This isn’t just another workshop or conference with break out sessions. This is an experience that participants create together – full of interactive talks, live performances and group interaction. In this one-day you will receive:

  • Smarter ways to approach your life so that you can do, be and give everything you want, without exhausting yourself in the process.
  • The biggest lies women tell themselves, and how to stop being so hard on yourself.
  • Methods to keep your feelings of happiness and success high, no matter what your external circumstances.
  • Proven processes that make multi-tasking and working through lunch ways of the past, and that make you more effective and successful.
  • Easy daily practices to create rhythm and harmony in your life instantly.
  • Guidance on how to stop being the generator to power it all and instead tap into energy sources that fuel you.
  • Physical connection to your body in such a profound way that it will take the “work” out of working out.
  • Reconnect with yourself and your dreams.  Tap back into what is truly important to you.
  • A cadre of feminine super powers at your fingertips. Seriously, you won’t know how you ever lived without them!
  • Connection to other fabulous women that leaves you energized, feeling supported and more in love with you than you could ever imagine.


It’s going to be a grand day of self-love! There are only 200 tickets available, so get your ticket early. And, consider upgrading yourself to a VIP Package, which among many other benefits includes 1 of 8 seats at my personal table.

And, If you can’t attend the event live in the Bay Area, you can

  • Attend one of the smaller events in Chicago or Orlando, or
  • Throw a Madly in Love with ME party of your own, for yourself or your friends, by downloading the free Madly in Love with ME Kit from the website.
  • Send this to girlfriends who need a dose of self-love wizardry.

It’s been said that women will change the world, but if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t change anything.—Lone Morch