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Solo Piano, Phantom Love

tianapiano_smallWe have fallen in love with composer/pianist Tiana’s debut CD, Butterfly in the Snow. It is dreamy, romantic, and passionate and it wraps listeners in a kind of magic. Great on a cold gray day; a spring morning; a sultry summer’s eve; a starry, starry night; alone or with favorite companions—you will find it addicting.

“Often, the piano has been my only lover, silently waiting for my touch. The best compositions spring from sources of searing inspiration: lost love, longing, and dreamy romantic musings. These are the songs that most resonate with my listeners, the songs I do not sit down to willingly create, but that come to me unbidden in the night like a phantom lover climbing softly into my bed.
—Tiana Andreas, composer/pianist

Butterfly In the Snow is a must for lovers of powerfully emotional solo piano that can also be very delicate and fragile. This is a keeper! It is available from,,, and iTunes. Highly recommended!”
—Kathy Parsons,